Join the Conversation Today! | Is there any common ground on issues of free speech today? | October 16, 2022 This week is National Free Speech Week - an annual, nonpartisan celebration of freedom of speech and of the press. These liberties, along with the freedom to peaceably assembly and to petition our government, are enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Today, both conservatives and liberals are challenging these rights. Technology has amplified people's voices like never before while also giving institutional power to curtail and censure viewpoints on a mass scale. A global pandemic has undermined the public's trust in government and public health leaders. Increased partisan influence on reporting has diminished the public's confidence in the news media. The continuing efforts to undermine faith in the national 2020 election results are chipping away at the bedrock of our democracy. Meanwhile, America's global adversaries seem to relish that America's freedoms have become her biggest weaknesses. So let's #kickthenumber this week with a fundamental question for America - Is there any common ground on issues of free speech today?

Posted by KickTheNumber at 2022-10-16 16:47:16 UTC